Ep 326 – Preparing Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues w/ Leila Miller

It’s one thing to explain the truth of Catholic morality to fellow adults, but how do you explain transgenderism to your 5th grader? With so many new ideologies contrary to reason and the Faith gaining rapid acceptance, children have their … Continue reading

Ep 320 – Kelli Eggebrecht

Have you found yourself struggling to “get into” praying the Rosary? Kelli Eggebrecht hopes her new book, The Rosary the Bible on a String, can help. With colorful illustrations, Bible verses, and more, Kelli’s book offers something to Catholics of … Continue reading

Ep 319 – “Only the Beginning” w/ Casey Cole, OFM

Whether you’re considering a religious vocation or simply trying to lead a Christ-centered life, Franciscan friar Casey Cole has news: Christian life doesn’t end with a profession of faith or hearing of God’s call. That’s when it begins. Br. Casey … Continue reading