The Board of Directors and staff of Baraga Radio wish to say thank you to you, our listeners, for your ongoing support and encouragement. Our work was started by Father Harry Speckman, Tom McMahon, and ultimately, by Venerable Bishop Baraga, whose missionary spirit has been the inspiration for Baraga Radio. Over the years, working with the support of thousands of volunteers, we have successfully continued Bishop Baraga’s mission of spreading the Good News to our listeners in Northern Michigan.

For a small non-profit network such as Baraga Radio, broadcasting to such a large area of Northern Michigan is difficult to sustain, even in a vital Catholic region such as ours. In order to continue this work into the future, it is necessary for us to look at ways to help catholic radio in our area to survive and thrive. We are happy to have found a large and very blessed National Catholic Radio network with the same missionary zeal and charism as our beloved Venerable Bishop Baraga. Beginning on October 15, 2019, Relevant Radio​ will begin broadcasting on all of Baraga Radio’s frequencies, and we will transition to 100% of Relevant Radio programming. It is now clear that God’s will for us at this critical moment in our culture is to have a unified voice of Truth.

We thank you for your continued support of Catholic Radio and hope you’ll tune in to hear the excellent programming in store for you.

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