Baraga Radio Network is blessed with loyal, active and generous listeners that support us with their time, talents and treasures all across our listening area.  If Baraga Radio has changed YOUR life, we want to hear from you!

You can send us an email to:  nick@baragaradio.com and put “Testimonial” as the subject.

Or, call our testimonial line!  (231) 753-8282  

It is an answering machine where you leave us your message with what you love about Baraga and Catholic radio.  We may even use your message as one of our on-air testimonials!

Here are some examples of what some of our listeners say about how Baraga Radio Network has touched their lives:

Baraga Broadcasting is blessed with loyal, active, and generous listeners that support the radio network with their time, talents, and treasures all across our listening area. Here is what some of our listeners say about how Baraga Broadcasting has touched their lives:

“Your station feeds me so that I can feed others! I listen to Baraga Broadcasting in the barn all day long. I think I am evangelizing my horses to become Catholics as well. I am learning so much about my Catholic faith and it surprises me more each day.”

-Cathy, Harbor Springs

“I had been away from the church for 30 years when I discovered Fr. Riccardo on one of your stations and it is very inspirational. With the help of Catholic Radio, I came back to the church on Divine Mercy Sunday.”

-Doug, Gaylord

“Baraga Broadcasting is like a bright ray of hope. I love ‘Christ Is The Answer’ with Fr. Riccardo and Teresa Tomeo’s ‘Catholic Connection.’ Catholic Radio is a real blessing to our state of Michigan. Keep up the good work.”

-Jenny, Northern Michigan

“I drive a semi-truck from Troy, MI to the Sault in the Upper Peninsula twice a week and I can listen to Catholic Radio most of the way, since Baraga Broadcasting came to northern Michigan. I stopped by your studio in Indian River to make a contribution and to thank you for reminding us about where we should be with our Faith.”

-Walter, Southfiel

“Baraga Broadcasting, where have you been all of my life?! One day while at work, I was told that there was a Catholic radio station in our area. I couldn’t wait to tune in 90.9 FM on my car radio. I love your station and your programming is terrific, but I enjoy the live programs the best. They remind me of the issues we all seem to share with our Faith. With renewed interest, I have returned to my Church and was welcomed with open arms. I still find it hard to believe that listening to your station on my car radio would re-unite me with my Faith. God Bless You.”

-Brian, Elmira

“Thank you, Baraga Broadcasting! Your Catholic radio station is exactly what I need each day.”

-Robert, Acme