Let’s start with the basics about underwriting.  Click a question below or simply scroll down as you read.

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is simply a means of funding a portion of our operating expenses in exchange for brief on-air mentions.  The FCC authorizes non-commercial stations to acknowledge gifts or grants from businesses, philanthropic organizations, corporations, charitable trusts or individuals that underwrite specific programs or portions of programming.  Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message.  Underwriting is a cost-effective investment in public relations, image promotion, and recognition.  Your 30 second underwriting announcement informs the listener of who you are, what you provide, and that you actively support Catholic radio!

What is the purpose of Underwriting?

Underwriting is assistance in the form of money, goods, or services provided by businesses and not-for-profit organizations in support of general or specific Baraga Radio programming.  Underwriting provides operating funds for Baraga Radio Network, and helps to finance future growth and programming to strengthen Baraga Radio’s image within the community.  Underwriting also provides opportunities for participating businesses to showcase their support for our programming.  We often encourage our listeners to support the businesses that bring them Catholic radio.

What are the rules and guidelines for Underwriting?

In the non-commercial radio world, the FCC permits us to air underwriting announcements, but not commercials.  The major difference between underwriting and commercials is that we present information about your business, rather than directly promoting your business.

How can Underwriting Benefit you?

While underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your business with some of the same benefits, plus some that commercial advertising can’t offer.  Research indicates that Catholic Radio is not only a powerful evangelization tool, but also an excellent public relations tool.  Listeners have a positive image of businesses that support Catholic Radio and report that their purchasing decisions are influenced by such underwriting support.  It’s a great way to build awareness about a business or organization throughout northern Michigan.

Who will hear about my business?

Baraga Radio Network has a broad reach stretching fully across the northern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, beginning just south of Traverse City then across the state to Tawas and north, from the sunrise side to the sunset side of the state.  Our signal also reaches further north beyond the Mackinac Bridge into the eastern portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, up to Sault Sainte Marie and as far west as Newberry.  Our listeners are loyal people who care about the Catholic Church, the traditional family, the state of our culture, and more.  Our listeners want to grow in their relationship with Christ and they wish to support businesses and organizations that share these same core beliefs and values.

How do I become a Baraga Radio Underwriter?

If you’d like more information on supporting the mission of Baraga Radio through underwriting, call our office at (844) 238-8508 or send an email to steve@baragaradio.com

Check out the companies and businesses that currently underwrite with us!