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Sophia Institute Press

We have some very exciting news! We’ve just partnered with Sophia Institute Press to provide you with both a discount on some great Catholic books, and a way to help fund Baraga Radio.

You’ve probably heard interviews on-air with authors of books published by Sophia Institute Press, including Dan Burke, Mike Aquilina, Fr. Wade Menezes, and Dr. David Anders. In fact, Sophia even publishes several devotionals based on the writings of Mother Angelica.

Now to the really exciting part!

At checkout, enter the promo code Baraga and you will receive 25% off of your order. Not only that, but 30% of the purchase price will be donated by Sophia to Baraga Radio. If there was ever a win-win scenario, this is it!

Browse their catalog now at: 

Lighthouse Catholic Media


Lighthouse Catholic Media offers a variety of print, audio, video, and digital resources about Catholic doctrine, morals, and spirituality.  By following the link below, a portion of your purchase from Lighthouse will go to support Baraga Radio.

Please note that purchases made through Lighthouse Catholic Media are not tax-deductible, and that Baraga Radio’s participation in the affiliate program should not be construed as an endorsement by Baraga Radio of Lighthouse Catholic Media.