Ep 211 – St. Paul Street Evangelization

You’ve probably heard the spots on air about a new and exciting approach to the new evangelization called St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE).  Dcn. Kevin is joined by Randy Husaynu of SPSE to explain the background and methods of SPSE. … Continue reading

Ep 119 – CatholicVote w/ Josh Mercer

As Election Day draws near, it’s hard to escape the whirlwind of breaking news, political ads, and mudslinging, which can often leave us wondering “What’s the point.”  Josh Mercer of CatholicVote.org joins Dcn. Kevin this week to explain why voting … Continue reading

Ep. 103 – The Permanent Diaconate w/ Dcn. Paul Fifer

What are permanent deacons?  Who can become one?  Why would anyone become one?  Why does the Church have them?  Join Deacon Kevin Endres and Deacon Paul Fifer, Director of Diaconal Formation and Ministries for the Diocese of Gaylord, as they … Continue reading